DxOMark has finally released its review of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro camera system, and though its a few months late (the phone launched back in October 2018), the review reached the same conclusion as Ausdroid did; this is the best* mobile camera system out there.

We say best* because with the DxoMark score of 109, the Mate 20 Pro is the equal of the Huawei P20 Pro at the top of the charts.

The Mate 20 Pro camera system builds on what was in the P20 Pro, swapping out the monochrome camera for a super wide-angle module, offering a 35mm-equivalent focal range from 16 to 80mm. That’s the widest range in any smartphone, but there’s an interesting note here – because most smartphones don’t have this feature, it doesn’t rank in the DxOMark scoring process.

We encourage you to read the DxOMark review for yourselves, as the photo samples really do show the strengths (and some weaknesses) of the camera setup. However, one thing is abundantly clear – the three camera setup, each with its own strength – makes for an overwhelmingly capable system.

Notably, DxOMark made the following findings:

  • While photos showed well controlled levels of noise, even in low light, good exposure, pleasant balance and good zoom, there was some unnatural rendering of finer details and loss of other details in bokeh mode.
  • Video performance was strong, with fast, smooth autofocus and good tracking, with good stabilisation when the camera is held still. However, lack of stabilisation while walking was noticeable, and finer details were sometimes lost.

If a strong mobile camera is what you’re after, you need look no further. Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro is available for $1,399 on sale at JB HiFi this weekend, and through your choice of Optus or Vodafone.

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$1150 on amazon. Never buy from jb biggest rip off


The Huawei mate 20 pro is on sale on Amazon by Amazon for $1120 with free delivery for anyone who was after or considering this epic very nice phone.

It’s on ozbargain as well.


As an owner of the phone. I will agree with all written in the article. Like any camera we buy, you learn to shoot around its limitations and make it work for yourself; however, having good equipment doesn’t mean your photos are going to be excellent but it does help. You learn its flaws and controls. Then make the best of it. I purchased this phone purely because of leica. I’ve seen the results from previous mobile models and I was super impressed. My only disappoint to learn was they lack of dedicated black and white camera lens. Instead they… Read more »


The problem with DxOMark tests is that they don’t consider electronic features that you find on Google Pixel phones. They don’t switch on HDR+ Enhanced, and they don’t test Night Sight.

To me, the best camera is the one that allows me to take the best photos and videos.

Important is the ability to take RAW photos, and the ability to adjust them in software, such as Snapseed, which allows you to select areas of the image to adjust, for example, to lighten someone’s face. DxO takes into account none of the above.

Marco de Paz

if they would have to do that with the pixel, they would also open that opportunity to all else. pixel is not the only one with night sight you know as well as hdr. if since we’re on the topic of other features, how about pro mode? pixel would have to go against those that offers such while in pixel phones there’s not so much manual setting like the one in pro mode of others phones. even ultra wide, the pixel would have to go against those that have it, and well it does not have in itself to begin… Read more »


Only $1,399, I might buy two!!