It is just a couple of weeks until the much publicised Samsung Galaxy S10 line and unsurprisingly it has surfaced on the FCC website, ready for a release in a short few weeks. The FCC website not only reveals the usual band frequency support along with other wireless communication information but shows off the user manual for the Galaxy S10.

Max J. on Twitter has found the Samsung Galaxy S10 user manual on the FCC website. The manual for the SM-G973U (along with other Galaxy S10 variants) that is on the FCC website does NOT show the device picture but instead shows where each physical feature of the phone will appear- albeit on a phantom phone.

The UI appears to be very old TouchWiz so it is possible that some of those instructions may change when the phone is released too. As well, there is not a single mention of Bixby within the manual meaning that it could well be a placeholder for the real manual.

The manual also mentions the fingerprint sensor being located on the “Home key”:

The Home key contains a fingerprint recognition sensor. Ensure that the Home key is not scratched or damaged by metal objects, such as coins, keys, and necklaces.

The Galaxy S10 in this manual will support fast charging (Samsung’s Adaptive fast charging or Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 depending on the processor inside) – Quick Charge 2.0 is very old so this is another possible sign the manual is not for this year’s phone. The Galaxy phone in this document will also support wireless charging once again.

In the camera section of the manual there is mention of a wide selfie mode suggesting that the front camera setup is a dual camera setup as expected on the Galaxy S10+. If you can remember any older Samsung phones having wide angle selfie mode please let me know below.

In the end there are parts of the document that look real and parts that point to it being just a placeholder. Don’t take my word for it, you can check it out yourself on the FCC website. It is on the legitimate website and is under the Galaxy S10 information so it should be the real document.

Time will tell though with the Galaxy S10 series set to be announced in the days leading up to MWC in just over a couple of weeks from now. Stay tuned as we will have every tidbit of information as soon as it is available on the upcoming Samsung flagship.

Source: FCC.
Via: Samsung_news.