Even if you care very little for the NFL Super Bowl, you will most likely love the clever, funny and extremely expensive commercials shown during ad breaks in the NFL finale. Companies usually often their Super Bowl commercials the night before the big game and last night Google have released theirs via their YouTube channel.

Super Bowl commercials this year will cost a company US$5.25 million for a short 30 second spot during the game. Add in the cost to make the ad and it is a very expensive exercise. Google in recent years have turned away from clever funny commercials instead pointing out the good that their products do in the world. Last year it was Google Assistant that was advertised and this year they are highlighting Google Translate and Google Search finding jobs for veterans.

The ads are extremely heart-warming and show the good that Google can do in the world. Rather than try and be clever or funny they are instead using the most watched ad spot to create some good feelings about Google. Why not? It has been a tough year for Google not only in the US but especially in Europe.

On the other hand, Google’s adversary in so many areas, Amazon, have released their Super Bowl ad and it is funny and clever. Have a look at it below. Amazon have not seen the issues that Google have this year and have taken a different approach — they do not need to improve their public image but in the end it gives the image of a fun company that is easily lovable.

Of course there will be so many more ads that are extremely funny and clever and I encourage you to check them all out tonight on YouTube after the game has finished. Do you like Google’s approach this this expensive ad spot? Or would you like them to create something funny and clever like the Home Alone Google Assistant ads?

Go Rams!

Source: YouTube.