It seems everyday there is a new leak or rumour surrounding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10+. Last night though there were multiple leaks which not only showed the phones from various angles but also some of its functionality.

Renders or in the wild photos first? I like to see how a phone looks in the wild preferably as the manufacturers can easily make a phone look how they want it to look with photography (same as how your Big Mac never looks as good as it does in the ads?).

Sammobile is in its busiest time of the year obviously and has managed to find some leaked in-hand photos of the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10+ from a Twitter user, @SaudiAndroid, who has since deleted the post. As you can see in the photos below there is a white Galaxy S10+ whose colour matches the photo Tweeted by Evan Blass the other day and a black Galaxy S10.

Not only do we see the gorgeous display but also the location of the in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, the first of its kind to appear en masse. The Infinity Display of the phones make the phone’s colour pop and look amazing, although their saturated AMOLED displays are not for everyone. Of course the expected triple rear camera setup is present on both phones.

As for the renders leaked overnight Roland Quandt and his website WinFuture have been busy with a trove of official renders and marketing material. We have already seen a lot of renders so let’s start with the marketing material.

The marketing image show not just the Galaxy Buds but also the Galaxy S10+. The Galaxy Buds, with the charging light on are being wirelessly charged by the phone which of course demonstrates that the Galaxy S10+ will indeed have reverse wireless charging and the Galaxy Buds will be able to be charged wirelessly.

The other renders revealed by WinFuture show both the Galaxy S10 and S10+ from various angles- front, back and sides. There is not really much to say about them but here is a sample below. If you want to see everyone of them check out the WinFuture page.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10+

But wait, there’s more!

Apparently there will also be two different type of black the Galaxy S10+ will arrive in – a Ceramic Black and a Prism Black. One seems to be matte and the other a shiny black- what do you think?

But which one will I buy? I’m not sure of the sizes. Luckily the leaks have you covered there. Both phones will have over a 6 inch display with the Galaxy S10 6.1 inches and the Galaxy S10+ hitting 6.4 inches. As you can see below the size difference is not that much but for some it may be the deciding factor. Aside from size the only difference between the two we can see is the dual front-facing camera.

What left is there for us to see? Not much when it comes to the phone, maybe a headphone jack in an official render? Samsung have done a decent job keeping the software features of the phone under wraps so it will be nice to get some kind of surprise when we see the Galaxy S10 phones announced in under two weeks. Stay tuned because you know there will be more!

Source: WinFuture.
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Not much point discussing which colour to get if your going through a carrier as they normally give you very limited colour choices.


So, this is my next, and since the headphones got good reviews in their IconX form, I reckon I’ll get those too.


Stay away from the Icon X if you wish to wear them outside. I won’t give you a long story check the below thread out. Tried 2 of them and had this problem both times, after dealing with Samsung for over month to get my money back will never go back, cancelled my Samsung watch order over how badly they handled this. Just an FYI: