Xiaomi launched their Mi Mix 3 5G today at a MWC 2019 press event, aiming to build on their 4th-placed ranking on IDC’s global smartphone market share tracker.

Xiaomi fans will recognise most of the Mi Mix 3 5G specifications because they’re very similar to the regular 4G Mi Mix 3 launched in October 2018, with the addition of 5G CPU, GPU and radios.

The phone claims to be the most affordable 5G handset on the market so far and will be available in Europe for 599 Euros.

Converted roughly to Australian dollars, this is $AUD 950 but since Xiaomi doesn’t officially sell in Australia you’d have to add at least $AUD 100 on top for reseller profit margin and shipping here.

In Europe Xiaomi is partnering with Three, Orange, Sunrise, Telefonica, TIM and Vodafone as well as selling it at some Mi Stores and European retailers and of course the Xiaomi website.

Since Xiaomi doesn’t certify it’s phones for Australia it is unclear whether it will work on the new Australian 5G carrier networks.

For more information about the Mi Mix 3 5G visit the Xiaomi website. If you import a Mi Mix 3 5G and get the 5G functionality to work please let Ausdroid know.

Source: Xiaomi.