There are a lot of road warriors out there who use their laptops on the go, out and about. For many though they have not been able to have their Windows Laptop and LTE connectivity in most cases without extra hardware, until now.

Today Telstra have announced that they have partnered with Microsoft to provide eSIM support for selected Windows products. From March 7 Telstra customers with a Windows PC with eSIM capability and the latest version of Windows 10 will be able to activate a Telstra Mobile Broadband plan and connect in a “matter of moments”.

Kevin Teoh, Telstra’s Consumer Segment Executive said the solution would be perfect for people on the go and require connectivity or greater security.

In line with Telstra’s drive towards simpler customer experiences, Telstra and Microsoft are offering customers a new way to connect….. eSIM makes it possible to connect your compatible Windows 10 Modern PC to the internet, without having to go to a store or collect a SIM. It will be easier than ever before to connect on the go

The eSIM is activated by a preloaded Mobile Plans app which detects the device’s eSIM card and then guides the customer through the process and then connects it to the Telstra website. From here users choose the mobile broadband plan they want and connection is completed.

On launch day there will only be a few laptops supported including the Microsoft Surface Pro 4G LTE and the new HP Spectre range – the HP Spectre Folio and the Spectre x360 4G LTE models. They will be of course expanding the range of eSIM capable Windows devices supported as they release throughout the year.

If you are someone who wants this connectivity on the go it may be time to check out your device’s eSIM capability and jump onboard Telstra’s new connectivity options beginning on the 7th March.

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Jeni Skunk

Will the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Book 2 support eSIM, and if it does have eSIM capability, will Telstra also support its use on this device?