Google has launched a new local AI platform that helps developers building intelligent devices, called Coral.

Coral offers speedy local on-device neural network performance and increased privacy. It’s designed to help developers grow their ideas from prototype through to production.

The Coral Dev Board can be integrated into be hardware designs, bringing Google’s Edge TPU co-processor with it. There is also a Camera module for developing computer vision applications.

To add the Coral Edge TPU to an existing design, a USB connector allows for easy integration into any Linux system (including Raspberry Pi boards) over USB 2.0 and 3.0.

On the software side, Coral’s platform tools are based around TensorFlow and TensorFlow Lite. All Coral platform based products and software can be used with Google Cloud IoT which combines cloud services with an on-device software stack.

If you’re developing hardware and want to get into Coral AI, head over to

Source: Google Coral.
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