We have seen OPPO phones popping up all over the place, on Wiebo as mentioned by their VP, on Geekbench and also in some random posts on social media. Today their VP Shen Yiren has revealed more details of the new phone line he teased a few days ago.

On Chinese social media site Weibo Shen Yiren Brian has posted an image along with some Chinese characters.

The first line, when translated, says Reno,和大家打个招呼吧!which translates to: Reno, say hello to everyone! This is followed by the line with the hashtag: #OPPO全新Reno# . Translated this is #OPPO Brand new Reno#. Using Google translate on the entire site this looks like:

The Reno, from which the above social media post was sent, is thought to be running a Snapdragon 855 and will be released on April 10. One Reno model was certified in Singapore overnight running a SD710 chipset and also a 48MP and 5MP dual rear camera setup and 16MP front-facing camera. This does not rule out the possibility of a SD855 version of Reno but it seems unlikely.

With a whole new line it will be interesting to see if they bring a new design to the Reno. You would expect them to bring something unique to the device with a unique name, otherwise why would they create a new line. It is possible they are producing a gaming phone given the high end processor onboard but in a few weeks time we will know for sure.

You can be certain that it will leak more in the coming weeks. Of course it is unknown if it will make it to Australia but we hope so, with OPPO’s business in Australia booming it wouldn’t surprise us if they try to capitalise on this momentum by bringing a whole new line to us Aussies.

Keep an eye out for a new OPPO phone line on the horizon — their quality, innovative hardware cannot be questioned.

Source: Weibo.
Via: Gizchina.
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“. . . . their quality, innovative hardware cannot be questioned.” Maybe so, but their software can be questioned.