With Android Q Beta in the wild, and Google IO just ahead of us Google has formally announced that they will be holding an Android Dev Summit again this year. The summit will be held on October 23 and 24 2019 at the Google Event Center in Sunnyvale California.

Last year’s event brought us the announcement of official support for foldable phones along with a multitude of improvements to the overall Android app ecosystem. While there’s no indication yet of what will be at the Dev Summit this year it’s still an important day on the annual Android calendar.

Check out the announcement video below.

With Google IO now being split between so many development platforms, the Android Dev Summit was supposed to provide Android Developers with their own intensive event.

Hopefully, this being the second consecutive year Google has run the event might signal that they are going to continue the Android Developer focused event each year. You can sign up here for updates for this year’s event.

Source: Google.