We’ve been hearing for months now that Google is working on a more affordable version of the Pixel 3 and 3XL in the Pixel 3a. Today Google has confirmed something is coming with what looks to be an Avengers-themed tie in.

Google has said something big is coming on May 8th, which may speak to a larger Pixel 3a XL, along with the tag line Help is on the way, which seems to be tied in with an Avengers cross promotion.

The Pixel 3a line is probably the most anticipated Google hardware since the original Pixel was rumored. Many Android fans have been wanting Google to wade into the affordable phone bracket, with flagship / premium phones being considered too expensive by many for too long.

With Google’s Pixel line focusing on Camera quality as one of it’s cornerstone features could the Pixel 3a and 3a XL be the first affordable phones with top tier cameras? That could make the Pixel 3a line the best affordable phones on the market.

Source: Google.
Via: theverge.
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That wording about “something big” though. Could they also be releasing a bigger (hopefully cheaper and released worldwide) Pixel Slate along side the new phones? If I could get a Pixel version of the Acer Chromebook Tab I’d be a happy person.