Google I/O 2019 begins in under two weeks and Google have finally updated their app so that we can plan our days and nights to watch along with those in attendance.

The new update brings not just the full schedule (although there are often last minute changes and additions) but theme changes such as night mode and battery saver-determined theme and AR.

I have set my mode to change when Battery Saver mode is toggled but there is also the option for those who prefer a full time night mode or a full time light mode.

The new AR addition allows users to see the Googleplex in AR, most likely for the AR Navigation that has been in testing since February.

Google have also added the functionality for events starred in the I/O app to be added automatically to their calendar, improved searching for sessions including the ability to search by topic and speaker – which is definitely required given the large number of sessions available.

And this is just part of the first day…

With Google I/O starting on May 7 (May 8 local time) now may be the time to start planning your couple of days, although all sessions eventually make their way to the Google Developer’s YouTube channel.

The other option of course is to tune into Ausdroid where we will cover, in detail, all the relevant sessions as well as getting some hands-on with the new technologies Google will have on display at Mountain View this year. We will have one set of boots on the ground there once again and our writers will be working through the night to keep you up to date with everything you need to know.

Source: Android Police.