Foldable phones are in the news a lot at the moment thanks to the failings of the Samsung Galaxy Fold which appears to have been sent to reviewers, analysts and influencers without enough testing. Samsung are apparently going back to the drawing board with a few design flaws but one company that does not seem to have any such problems with their foldable phone is Huawei.

Reports (‘industry chain news’) out of China are saying that Huawei are well and truly into the manufacturing of their foldable Mate X (5G) and will have over 100,000 of them in stock, and listed for purchase, by July of this year. At the same time they are also apparently increasing the testing of their first foldable phone to avoid a repeat of Samsung foibles.

Confirming previous reports, Huawei have also shown off their 5G roadmap which shows that the Mate X (5G) will be released in July, just after the Mate 20 5G. Later in the year, around October, Huawei are also hoping to release a new 5G smartphone which coincides with the usual Huawei Mate release date so we assume that would be the Mate 30 5G.

Huawei are pushing ahead with their foldable phone and the same ‘news’ says that the device will cost around 14,000 yuan (~AUD$3000 — ouch) making it slightly less than affordable for most people out there. Those wanting to buy one of the first foldable phones out this year should expect to be stung prices like this with all rumoured devices set to cost this much — which is one reason why Huawei have only stocked 100,000 of these.

Is anyone at all here looking to purchase the Huawei Mate X (5G) or any other foldable smartphone this year? Not I. Too rich for me.

Source: PCPop.
Via: Gizchina.
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smart move by Huawei not jumping the foldable phone wagon by releasing it first at least now they have plenty time to perfect it and make it right before the official launch and hopefully it will be better than samsung one