Often the first inkling we get of a new device in the works is when it passes through one of the regulatory bodies such as Bluetooth SIG or the FCC. Overnight a mysterious device made by Google has passed through the FCC regulatory body with very little detail in tow.

The new device apparently only supports Bluetooth and that’s it. There is no Wi-Fi support, or LTE and no display which needs to be listed in FCC documents. This has of course led to a lot of speculation over just what it could be.

The model number of the device is G022A which is very similar to the Google Pixel numbers and the description of the device is a “wireless device”. It is expected to be an accessory for a smartphone but further than that is pure guesswork.

We suspect that it may be a new version of Pixel Buds, which of course are a couple of years old now or maybe a replacement for the Titan Bluetooth Key. The device is being fast tracked through the FCC suggesting that it may well be ready for release a long time before the Made By Google event expected in October — and it is unlikely that Google will bring that date forward.

We all love new Made By Google hardware as it often brings new software innovation to the party so we will have to keep an eye out for this, whatever it may be. What do you think it could be?

Source: FCC.
Via: Android Police.