5G has been the buzzword in Australia in the last week or so with Telstra announcing two devices so far, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and the HTC Smart Hub. They, in partnership with OPPO, are set to launch another onto their brand new 5G network and OPPO have done their homework beforehand.

OPPO commissioned a study of Australians in an attempt to understand consumer demand and sentiment around the 5G network. According to the study two thirds of Australians consider 5G a “must-have” feature in a smartphone, hoping to future-proof their purchase.

Of course though, Aussies only want to pay so much for it and would only consider 5G if the price is not too high. According to the research and OPPO 75% of Australians are unwilling to spend over $1500 for a flagship smartphone. Enter the OPPO Reno.

Although OPPO have not stated a price on their upcoming 5G phone it is a fairly straight line to draw from this research they have highlighted to the cost of their new phone. We thus expect it to be under $1,500 which is an attractive price considering the other 5G smartphone alternative, the Galaxy S10 5G is looking to be a LOT closer to the $2,000 mark.

Michael Tran, MD of OPPO Australia, has said that:

OPPO has heavily invested in 5G, to bring these new innovations, experiences and features to Aussies. But, we want to stay true to our brand and make premium possible, not just for the few but for the many, and we’re really excited to share what we have in store later this week.

OPPO’s ability to bring premium features at a non-premium price bode well for those looking for a device that will get them into the 5G marketplace without costing them an arm and a leg.

With the OPPO Reno launching this week in Sydney you can bet we’ll be on hand to check it out. At this stage it is unclear just when it will be available to purchase but we will hopefully find out this week.

Source: OPPO.
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I don’t need 5g. it would be nice if it would allow calls and data at the same time and does not use more power etc. If not who cares, the data I use is fast enough so 5g isn’t needed.


5g looks really good , I would love to have it ,
I had a bit of a look at the progress map of 5g roll out around the country , it does look like it will be a year or two before we are fully . covered at least .


100% of Australians would also love a decent mobile reception. Will be years before 5G becomes mainstream but I’m just wondering how many years until we can finally have a decent mobile phone conversation without the call dropping due to the region they are in be it the city or regional, the person saying sorry I can’t hear you its a bad line or even hang on I’m just moving to different area of the house.

Also $2000.00!!!


I can’t help but think this survey reflects a significant misunderstanding by the public of the status of 5G investment by Australian network providers? How long is it likely to be before there is a usable 5G network anywhere outside of the CBD areas of cities?

I can’t see 5G being relevant to my geographic location for several years at least, so 5G capability won’t rank that highly for me yet.