JB HiFi’s mailing list has some good offers from time to time, and today’s is a great one. Customers can save a whopping $600 off the price of a Samsung Galaxy S10+ 1TB model, reducing the overall price to just $1799.

Unfortunately, the offer is only valid for those who were on the mailing list already – if you sign up today, it’s not clear that this offer will be available to you.

However, for those who are subscribed, the offer is available both online and in store, and it expires on Sunday 4 August 2019 – so you’ve got a week to get involved!

Here’s the wording from the email, below:


Let us know if you’ve received this offer, and if you’re going to bag a bargain on a new Galaxy S10+ this week!

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1TB in a phone, dang. Old man voice but you know $2399.00 could get you a semi decent car. Also phones in 80’s were around the $4000.00 mark.

Jamie S

I hope you are being sarcastic Chris “you’re going to bag a bargain on a new Galaxy S10+ this week!”


Would you seriously pay $1800 for a phone?

Jamie S



“reducing the overall price to “just” $1799..

How have we gotten to a point where taking $600 OFF the price of a phone brings it down to just $1799…


And we haven’t even gotten Note 10 pricing yet!


I have a coupon if anyone wants it.