Supermarket giant Coles has this week launched an app as part of its Little Shop 2 promotion which enables users to scan Little Shop mini products to unlock bonus features within the app.

The Little Shop 2 app lets users scan the 30 new mini collectables available in store and online to unlock little dancing figurines within the app.

Users can then can collect points with every successful dance move & share their best boogie with their friends via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

The app is free to download from Google Play or the App Store (iOS) and Coles has stated that the Little Shop 2 App is suitable for ages over 13 years old. It’s worth noting that parents should read full terms of use before commencing play, as with any app or online service.

If your kids are into collecting the Little Shop 2 minis then this might be a good app for them to try out and use alongside the minis.

Little Shop 2
Little Shop 2
Price: To be announced
Source: Coles Little Shop 2.
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I would have thought 13+ is outside the target age range.

Our kids are boycotting this promotion out of concern that it is creating plastic waste.

Chris Rowland

I applaud their decision, but tbh, I’d be more worried about the other plastic waste at Coles (and other supermarkets) than mini collectibles. Bananas wrapped in cling wrap, plastic around most deli meats, cheeses, milk, juice, and virtually every shelf item is either plastic wrapped (or cardboard and plastic). Granted, mini collectibles aren’t essential food items, but I’d wager their impact on waste plastic is fairly minimal.


“…plastic around most deli meats, cheeses, milk…”

It’s not just the plastic around those products. It’s the products themselves.

Those are cow products. Methane belching bovines cause more greenhouse gas than the transport industry.