There are a lot of companies making headphones — some better than others. One of the better ones at the top end of the spectrum is Sennheiser and today they have announced their new in-ear headphones, the IE 80S BT headphones.

The IE 80S BT are based on their audio specialist’s IE 80S ear-canal headphones but are of course wireless. The new model also introduces connected features such as audio customisation via the Sennheiser Smart Control App and one-touch access to Google Assistant (and Siri).

Support for hi-res codecs such as LHDC, aptX HD, and AAC is included allowing the IE 80S BT headphones to process higher bit rates resulting in the ability to listen to uncompressed music formats to provide an experience on par with wired audio. Add in a “top-of-the-line” AKM DAC allowing users to push the 10mm drivers and neodymium magnets for “brilliant sonic accuracy and clarity” and you have a great set of headphones.

The IE 80S BT earphones have been meticulously crafted to the most demanding standards. They not only meet Sennheiser’s exacting criteria for a high-end audio product and match the exceptional performance of their wired predecessor, but also offer a real wireless option for refined audiophiles who don’t wish to compromise on sound quality. Ronja Harste, Sennheiser

The end result in an audiophile sound quality which can be tailored according to taste using the bass adjustment tool or the Sennheiser Smart Control app which includes a 5-band equaliser.

For those who love their Google Assistant there is a dedicated voice assistant button along with a high quality microphone to allow you quick access to your favourite assistant while connected to the headphones.

As you would expect a set of wireless headphones with audiophile quality do not come cheap. The IE 80S BT will be available from mid-August for AU$799.95.

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For that price, I’d go for over ears