Since the announcement that Disney+ was heading to Australia and New Zealand on the 12h of November many of us at Ausdroid have been searching for details about the service. With big new titles such as the Mandaoloran already in post-production and series’ such as the new Obi-Wan Kenobi recently being announced the service is getting more irresistible by the second.

At $8.99 AUD per month, it’s neither cheap nor expensive but some recent details have made that deal look just a little bit sweeter. For starters, it looks like the $8.99 will net you both 4K and HDR content, when the content is available in that resolution of course.

The other good news is that each subscription will come with four simultaneous streams.
That’s right, you and three of your closest family members can all enjoy content on your various compatible devices but don’t expect Disney to be as lenient as Netflix about login sharing.

Netflix is mostly happy to let anyone watch the content hoping in time to turn them into a paying customer. Disney knows they don’t need to give away their content. I mean Disney, Pixar, Marvel, the Star Wars universe are some of the world’s most premium content, and you can be sure Disney aims to monetise the hell out of it.

Disney has stressed that the package was intended for “households” but they didn’t share any details about how they intend on combating the online tradition of login sharing. Regardless of how they intend on enforcing the Disney+ offering is shaping up to be a must-have streaming package.

Source: CNET.
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19th November is the launch date in Aus/NZ