It’s being reported by a number of users across several online platforms that the rollout of ‘alternate routes’ is continuing. Specifically, Android Auto users will start to see extra functions appearing, the latest is alternate routes.

It’s been available on the phone version for some time, but now available on the Android Auto interface. It’s a really simple way to choose your route, but interestingly I’ve noticed that when starting navigation suggested fastest routes are also being announced.

This adds to the additional functionality of speed camera and accident locations — let’s hope this comes to Android Auto soon too.

There seems to be a renewed focus from Google on the development of Android Auto since the new interface rolled out an we look forward to its continuing improvement.

Source: Reddit.
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I am loving Android Auto and in particular the new version.

This is a welcome addition.

What is not great is that the phone doesn’t ring so if I miss seeing it on my screen then I miss the call. Really letting down a great system.

Also no l options to select music in Google Play.


Interestingly I don’t have the elipses on my version, just the first four icons.