Unsurprisingly it seems that Google are having a few issues keeping their upcoming flagship phone under wraps — no manufacturer can these days. Today is a good example of why with live photos of Google Pixel 4 seemingly taken by a Sprint employee testing the phone.

Today’s images were shared via an XDA Telegram group although the origin of the images in uncertain at this stage. The phone is most definitely a Google Pixel 4 based on what we know of it so far and the software that can be seen in the images.

The front of the device shows a relatively decent-sized bezel within which the Soli sensors are expected to lie, along with the proximity sensor and front-facing camera(s). The bezel does look to be smaller than what we first expected when we saw the first leak of it. The display itself also looks to be a standard flat display and not a curved display (thank goodness).

The phone is in the process of being set up as you can see by the notifications on the display — and we can see a new wallpaper behind them. There is also the gesture bar at the bottom and the bottom corner (for Assistant).

The rear of the phone shows the triple rear camera setup and flash. the phone this year looks to be gloss on the entire rear of the device rather than the now Pixel-tradition of the gloss/matte look. The phone itself looks very Nexus 4 in design with respect to the edges and glossy back — not a bad thing but we hope it is more durable than the Nexus 4 was.

With the announcement of the Pixel 4 still at least a month or so away we expect to see a lot more leaks in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more details as they come to hand.

Source: XDA.