JB Hi-Fi has discounted the Google Pixel 3 range by about $400 ahead of the upcoming Pixel 4 launch.

This deal brings Pixel 3 models within striking distance of the Pixel 3a pricing – only a $150 difference. Paying the extra cash will net you a faster processor, wireless charging, and slightly better materials and build quality than the Pixel 3a.

The base model Pixel 3 with 64GB of storage is available from $769 in Not Pink, or $839 in Clearly White.

Bumping up the storage to 128GB puts pricing at $944 in all three colours.

If you’re after a larger screen, the Pixel 3XL with 128GB of storage will cost $1049 in Not Pink.

The Pixel 3 series is still a great option if you’re after a new phone and don’t want to pay full price. The Pixel 4 will have several upgrades over the prior model including two extra rear cameras, a slightly slimmer bezel, and a larger, faster screen.

As with other Pixel models, there should be a very long tail of software updates and support for the Pixel 3. The deal page is available here.

Source: JB Hi-Fi.
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Anthony D Wignall

No wireless charging mate!

Not Telling

It’s actually the not pink 3Xl that is $769