In case you haven’t noticed, the internet of things is becoming more and more popular, and saving money has always been popular with the masses. Next week Aldi is combining both of these things with a sale on various Brilliant Smart Lights.

From the 14th of September Aldi will have a three-pack of E27 screw style 9W dimmable colour changing light bulb, dimmable temperature (white ballance) changing 9W downlights and a triple pack of dimmable colour changing 9W garden lights. All of them are hubless WiFi devices that are controllable via the Brilliant app or via voice with the Google Assistant or Alexa.

Like all Aldi specials stock will be ad hoc and limited, so if you think these are a bargain you’d better rush off to the store on the 14th or you may just miss out.

Source: OZBargin.
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    I want these but no Aldi within 400kms, and they don’t sell online. Any ideas?


    If you go into your local electrical wholesaler some have made deals with Brilliant to be able to offer the same pricing for many of these items just in case your local Aldi is out of stock.