Do you know what’s hard? International frequency regulations. In what we are assuming is a licensing issue in various regions for the wireless spectrum used by the Soli chip a Best Buy page has come to light that outlines a partial list of whihc markets the Pixel 4 will support the Motion Sense features.

Ok so who will get it? US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, and most European countries. Who doesn’t? At the moment only Japan will not get the sensor active. The listing does point out that Motion Sense frequency does not solely control the Pixel 4, but that’s likely a small concession for users in Japan.

It’s unclear if Japan is the only region that will block the chip and if the issue will affect other devises going forward but as new markets come online, as more consumer products are launched supporting the Soli radar chip it will become more apparent. Good news of for Australia at least we will be getting Motion Sense.

Source: Best Buy.
Via: 9to5google.
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    Damn that probably means they won’t include Felica outside Japan, looks like I’m waiting for the P5 2020 now…

    Phillip Malone

    Don’t do that to me! 😉 Thought for a second we wouldn’t be getting it!