Who doesn’t like buying things cheaper? If you’ve been eyeing off a few apps, or perhaps a movie or two or if you have Google subscriptions for Music, YouTube or even Google One then discounted Google Play gift cards are a good way to trim a little off the top.

From this week until 1 October you can get 10% off any Google Play gift card excluding the variable load cards at Woolworths.

While 10% off isn’t the best deal, we have noticed that Google Play gift cards don’t seem to go on sale as often, or with as much of a discount as they used to.

The deal is only available in-store, so if you have a subscription with Google why not pick one up, apply the credit to your account and then switch your payment method to Play Store credit. Just remember to change it back, Google’s billing can be a bit wonky when you run out of credit.

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Which store?