Reports have begun to surface that Xiaomi is looking at dipping its toes into the WearOS ecosystem with a smartwatch called the Mi Watch.

The reports started after Google started to roll out version 2.28 of its WearOS application where XDA developers found a code string called “xiaomi_companion_name” with “Mi Wear” code appearing in the same string.

Xiaomi currently offers its own Mi Fit and Mi Health apps through Google Play Store but there is yet to be a Mi Wear app nor WearOS watch available, at this stage.

XDA looked further into the code and noticed that Wear OS app is checking for the existence of a “PartnerCompanion” app. Given the package name within the code “com.xiaomi.wearable” doesn’t seem to correspond to any app that can be found currently in the Google Play Store or even Xiaomi’s own App Store, it would seem that this little rumour of a WearOS watch in the making could be in fact true.

This is just pure speculation and rumour right now with neither Xiaomi or Google confirming that the company is indeed making its own smartwatch, its best taking all this with a grain of salt until it is confirmed, but you can be sure we will be keep an eye out for any further developments of a Xiaomi WearOS smartwatch.

Source: XDA Developers.