Yesterday OnePlus launched the OnePlus 7T to the US but we did not see a mention of it available anywhere else, nor did we see mention of a 5G version or the expected Pro version. It is possible that they have saved that for a couple of weeks time at a launch event in London.

We have seen rumours that the OnePlus 7T Pro would not make it to the US and that could well be true based on the launch yesterday. After that launch was completed the OnePlus UK site had its own launch page go live which seems strange that if they were launching the same product why would they wait another two weeks and have another big launch event.

Given that the original OnePlus 7T launch site for yesterday’s event specifically said it was the 7T reveal and the new UK launch site mentions a 7T Series reveal it is safe to say that we will see all possible variants of the 7T show up on October 10 (11 AU time) in London — this way no shine is taken off their Pro phone by the standard 7T.

OnePlus has deals with a multitude of carriers throughout Europe, include 5G exclusive deals and as such it makes sense that they will be bringing all their new goodies to Europe first. It would thus not surprise us to see the OnePlus 7T Pro announced here first, along with a 5G version. Leaker Ishan Agarwal agrees:

We know that the OnePlus 7T Pro does exist — well, as much as we know anything from leaks and rumours these days — but we do not expect it to be much different form the 7T in the end. The 7T received so many hardware upgrades that there does not seem to be much that could separate the two now — aside from that notch.

The 7T now has the triple camera (unless the pro arrives with a quad camera but leaks suggest it will just be a triple camera), it has the same 90Hz fluid AMOLED display and has Warp Charge 30T included in the box. It will be interesting to see what OnePlus bring to the table to differentiate the 7T from the 7T Pro — will it just be the notch and pop-up camera or can you see them doing something else?

Source: OnePlus UK.