With the smartphone industry desperately trying to find somewhat to differentiate their rectangular slabs of glass, metal and plastic, 2019 was going to be the year of the foldable. Of all of the devices that have been rumoured, announced, released or re-released, the rumoured Motorola Razr successor is perhaps the most exciting.

Rather than strapping a tablet to a now larger foldable phone, Motorola is apparently aiming to create a smaller device that ends up being phone-sized when opened. According to fresh rumours today we may well be seeing the device announced before the end of the year.

With all of the ongoing issues that Samsung is having with its foldable Galaxy, and Huawei’s issues with getting Google Certification, Motorola may just have the opportunity to be stand out in the pack. Of course, to do so, they need to execute the product well.

Will the screen suffer the same breaking issues as the Galaxy Fold? Will the device have decent performance without being too bulky? Will it retain the signature Motorola look that the 90s executive knew and loved?

Overall we’re willing to believe: between Lenovo and Motorola, surely there is more than enough engineering talent to create a decent foldable device for 2019… not that we think it will get into anyone’s hands this year.

Source: CNET.
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Paul Warner

The Wall Street Journal reports that the price is going to be US$1500. Way too expensive for what it is.

Daniel Narbett

This one is exciting – I still think this sort of fold makes more sense, because you end up with an ultra wide screen phone (good for movies etc.) in a very pocket-friendly size. Or it may fail woefully 😉 Maybe I’m just prejudiced to like folding phones because of how much I loved my Nokia 6820 back in the day