Google is having a very difficult time keeping anything at all about the Pixel 4 under wraps. It certainly looks to be a compelling purchase with innovative hardware and software. One of the main innovations that most are looking forward to is Project Soli, termed Motion Sense in the Pixel 4.

Earlier this month Best Buy accidentally revealed that some regions would not be getting Motion Sense on their Pixel 4 smartphones and at the time Australia was mentioned as one of those that were set to receive it. Now new information has revealed that we may not be as lucky as we first thought.

9to5Google managed to get a copy of the Motion Sense app from NextRift who have been doing a few run downs on various Pixel 4 features based on the late-stage sample/prototype they have their hands on and dug deep into it. Within the app they found a list of 38 countries where Motion Sense will work.

I’m not going to list all of those countries here but just say that Australia does not appear on said list, obviously different to the first list we saw published. Of course this is all speculation because even though it has appeared in the prototype software that does not make it final. It is possible, and the optimist in me believes this is the case, that Google are just waiting on the final stamp of approval from the regulatory bodies before they can add countries such as Australia and New Zealand to the list.

Of course there is no way to know until Google announce the Pixel 4 officially on October 16 (AU time) but just in case we have contacted Google to enquire but with the launch so close we don’t expect any definitive answer at this late stage. It would be such a shame for us not to bet Motion Sense on our Pixel 4s — it definitely is one of the main features I am looking forward to trying.

Source: 9to5Google.
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M Javadi
Duncan Jaffrey

Thanks, we have updated a new article


We’re back in the list! Google just pushed out a server-side update to add a few more countries


9to5Google is now reporting an updated list of regions where the Pixel 4 will support Soli and Australia IS on the list. 😎

Peter Gillespie

I laugh every time I here Android sites gleefully remonstrating Google for all their “leaks” as they work hard to publish what is essentially a tease campaign with almost the exact rate of information tidbits an official launch schedule would try have. Scott this one has coveted word of mouth and is a while lot cheaper to run.

Google realised keeping everything under wraps 100% was really no longer feasible. So if you can’t beat them, use them.

Chris Rowland

There’s little doubt that some information coming out ahead of launch is orchestrated by the brands themselves, but some of it definitely isn’t, and I’d say this particular story falls within the realm of “not meant to be disclosed”.


Apparently they need regulatory approval because because Soli is a radar transmitter/sensor.

If I’m not mistaken any radar product needs approval in Australia so they just need to get that before they can enable it via a software switch, the phones will have the hardware for it out of the box.


I don’t get it. Why would this not be available world wide? The hardware is there. It’s almost like restricting Face Unlock to certain countries.

Is there something I’m missing about this piece of kit that requires it to be locked down to certain countries only?


It’s due to frequency that the Soli radar works in. They need regulatory approval in each country to operate it.


Thank you!


So no gooogle call assistance for 3s and no motion sense for 4s…. And NO front facing speakers… Wtf….

Jamie S

That really sucks balls. If that’s the case I’ll probably import a OnePlus 7T


That’s fucked. The Orange colour better come to Sydney or I’m telling all my mates to get an iPhone instead.


Deal breaker for me.