Early in the Android 10 beta program we saw hints of a new automation feature codenamed Routines that would be arriving on Android 10 but come Android 10 release, and the Pixel release, and it has not been seen since.

Now some users on Reddit are seeing the feature available on their Pixel phones. The new feature in Settings is called Rules and allows the user to set certain tasks when they are connected to a certain Wi-Fi network or at a specific location. These are the Rule types. From here you select the task you want the phone to do from the four options — do not disturb, set phone to silent, set phone to vibrate and set phone to ring.

We are assuming that leaving that network or location performs an exit task returning the phone to the conditions before performing that Rule but have yet been able to test it out. It is very similar to some of the functionality already featured in Google Assistant and it is not known if it will be removed from Google Assistant when rollout is finished. The rollout of Rules appears to be staged but keep an eye out for it and let us know if/when you receive it.

At this stage it is very basic and you could get a lot more functionality from an app such as Tasker or Llama but it is something easy that anyone could do with Tasker and other apps often being daunting when first viewing them.

Is this something you will use or do you use something more complicated such as Tasker as I do?

Source: Reddit.
Via: XDA Developers.
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I had it enabled on my P2XL but not on my P4XL although the Settings Suggestion app appears to be up to date, any way to force enable the option?


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