It seems Xiaomi is running for the most leaked device before launch prize this year, with the Mi watch being spotted out in public on the wrist of a Xiaomi executive. Xiaomi hasn’t exactly been quiet about the upcoming device with a few teasers and somehow a hands on video of the Chinese leaking out.

Today’s leak sees a clear as a bell photo of the Mi Watch running the Chinese MIUI variant of the device. The watch features a very Apple Watch esk rounded square design, digital crown and sounded glass finish. This all black device will apparently be joined by grey, white and navy blue band options.

For westerners looking for a square watch but wanting a more western friendly software experience, according to the rumours, Xiaomi does intend on releasing a version of the western market running Google’s Wear OS. With a Snapdragon Wear 3100 SOC confirmed and a rumoured 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, NFC, GPS, Heart Rate monitor, speaker and microphone and built-in eSIM, the Mi Watch should represent some of the best technology in Wear OS today.

For many of us the questions will be

  1. Do you want a square watch? I’d vote “over my dead body” but there are members of the Ausdroid team who are legitimately interested, and
  2. Do you want Wear OS, and those answers are just as polarising.

The Mi Watch is expected to launch this month, hopefully, all of these questions will be answered soon.

Source: Gizchina.
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My Gear S3 Frontier is starting to show its age and I’m going to be in need of a replacement soon, so I’m all for any new Android watches to come to the market down here

Tom Sekulic

With JB Hi-Fi already selling Xiaomi phones and Xiaomi Australia selling Mi Bands, there is hope that watch will come to our shores.