It seems the reports of the death of the Pixel one and it’s updates were a bit premature according to a statement provided to Android Police today.

Although the Pixel has already been updated one year past when it was expected to be it seems that Google have not signed the death certificate for the phones that started the Pixel revolution.

In the statement to Android Police Google have said that the OG Pixels will receive one last update in December that will incorporate improvements from both November and December:

In October 2016 at the launch of the Pixel and Pixel XL, we announced that the devices would receive two years of software updates and three years of security updates. Pixel and Pixel XL users did not receive the November OTA, but will get one final software update in December that encapsulates a variety of updates from both monthly pushes.

It is unclear what prompted this reprieve and although only very temporary but we should be glad that Google have made good on their promise of three years of product and security updates. If only more manufacturers stuck to theirs.

Source: Android Police.
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Every year another phone, my pixel XL, is only 3 years old, and it’s the stock standard google phone, 1 known hardware spec. I’ve got a Pixel 2 XL, but it’s cost me $350, all that talk of better updates in the background. I’m just hoping that I can get a Pixel 3a XL cheap next year, no wonder I got a cheap iPad, $440 and I can get updates for 5 years, maybe I’ll just get a cheap Android One phone, next time. I can only afford 2 years old pixels, then they lose software updates in 1 year.


I agree , the short term of updates you get on the Android platform is very lack lustre .
i see software updates as like warranty and or servicing on a car ,
software does have problems and need attention periodically just like a car needs servicing .
The difference being , you do not throw your car away after three years or on Android on many cases 2 years.
i have been an ardent Android user for 7 years , but this lack of longevity and in effect value of the product does weigh in my mind .


This is such a low bar that the industry general can’t meet.