It seems yesterday’s leak of the Fossil’s Collider Hybrid Smartwatch was just a few hours early with the official listings going live on Fossils international sites, including Australia’s, late last night. The Collider will come in 3 colour and material variants including Smoke Stainless Steel, Black Silicon and Dark Brown leather, and all are listed for $369, $329 and $329 AUD respectively.

As rumoured the Collider range will not run Wear OS, instead it will using Fossil’s existing hybrid smartwatch platform and app. This doesn’t mean the Collider will be light on features, with almost everything you could want out of a smartwatch included. The 42 mm design watch features mechanical hands, lower power digital display, likely e-ink, Bluetooth 4.2 LE, step tracking, heart rate monitor, 16 MB storage and two weeks battery life and 60 minutes fast charging.

The Collider also features media playback controls, interchangeable 22mm bands, sleep tracking and 3 customise-able buttons including a digital crown. This is Fossils first hybrid mechanical e-ink device so we are very interested to check out the interaction and usability of the device. Two weeks battery life along with many of these feature may just have the old Pebble owners jumping for joy, especially seeing as Fitbit never really did anything with that technology.

If there was one thing missing it would be mobile payments. While we don’t really want another mobile payment provider in Fossil Pay, it is a shame that there doesn’t seem to be NFC included. So now we know all the Fossil Collider has to offer will you be laying out your dollars to pick one up?

Source: Fossil.
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This is a hybrid watch, i wouldn’t expect it to have NFC. Nice summary btw. Hopefully, this watch will be a game changer!


30% off today with Fossil Click Frenzy promo, although the code (frenzy30) does not work correctly on the Hybrid so you have to call Fossil 02 8977 8086 who will give you the correct code.


It’s not supposed to be valid on this product; the code just hadn’t kicked in yet because it wasn’t 7pm, that’s why it wasn’t working before. So if you did get it for 30% off through calling a store, they probably did the wrong thing. You’ll be a lucky duck if it all goes through still though 🙂


I did get the deal and have the watch. I see that they added the Hybrid HR to the exclusions in the conditions afterwards. Only the Gen 4 and Gen 5 were originally listed. Not a bad deal, $98 off!