Although Fitbit has been purchased by Google and the future seems uncertain that has not stopped them from updating their operating system, adding a host of new features.

The new update to FitbitOS 4.1 adds in the ability to adjust the watch face directly from the watch itself, rather than the phone app. The new watch face along with the new always-on display brings five new options to the Versa 2 including colour health and fitness stats, faster transitions and the ability to store five watch faces on the watch itself. Watch faces can be found in the Fitbit App Gallery which introduces a new rating system to allow you to find higher rated apps.

The heart rate measuring algorithms have also been improved with PurePulse now promising to be much more accurate and more more consistently with the new update. The new algorithm uses machine learning to deliver their best heart rate tracking yet.

The Fitbit on-watch alarm app can now be used to slowly wake you using a new feature called “Smart Wake”. This silent alarm consisting of subtle vibrations will gently wake you “at an optimal time in your sleep cycle” to allow you to wake up fresher. Along with this new on-watch software there are updates to the Agenda and Calendar app and a new Exercise app.

The new update is also a lot more battery efficient with a promise of over six days of battery life in the Versa 2 — as yet there is no data on how much it will improve the battery life of other models.

FitbitOS 4.1 will be rolling out to the Versa 2, Ionic and the entire Fitbit Vera suite of smartwatches in early December. If you own a Fitbit that falls into these categories keep an eye out for it as the changes Fitbit have made seem to fairly extensive. Those who are Fitbit Premium members can already access many of these updates.