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Fitbit becomes fun for kids with the Ace 3 Special Edition: Minions

Fitbit is a great way to monitor your activity levels and challenge yourself. As part of the continued improvement of the platform, they have introduced and kids device. The Ace 3 Special Edition: Minions. The...

Fitbit finally adding 2FA to secure your account

It's been far too long in the making, but Fitbit has finally started to roll out 2-factor authentication (2FA) to accounts. Now, by all reports, the rollout is in the early stages and...

Google owned Fitbit release a fashion first fitness tracker, the Fitbit Luxe

Since Google completed their acquisition of Fitbit we have been waiting to see what the new partnership would yield. Today Fitbit/Google released their first joint product, the Fitbit Luxe, a fashion first fitness tracker. The...

Fitbit has launched its next gen active kids fitness band, the Fitbit Ace 3

Fitbit has announced today its third generation activity and sleep tracker fitness band for kids with the Fitbit Ace 3. The Fitbit Ace 3 offers an eight-day battery life that it claims will last up...

Google shows their hand on Fitbit data access and potential monetisation

Google is a rather large company that -- despite the number of projects they start and kill quickly -- do things they believe will make money. Things like purchasing Fitbit, where there is...

Google says they’ve completed Fitbit purchase. US and AUS regulators still haven’t said Yes

In a synchronised announcement Google and Fitbit have both blogged that the acquisition of Fitbit by Google is complete. Fitbit President and co-founder James Park said in his announcement: I’m writing today to let you know...

Google one step closer to completing the acquisition of Fitbit, with a few concessions

It's been over 12 months since Google announced their acquisition of Fitbit but since then they have run into some hurdles thanks to the EU Commission and it has yet to be completed. ...

Big W Black Friday Big Sale deals

With Black Friday deals starting to pop up around the place through our major retailers and tech companies, both online and instore and online and not to be outdone, Big W has some offers...

Fitbit Australia and Sydney Uni partner in international COVID-19 pandemic wearables research

Can wearable tech predict COVID-19 and reveal how pandemics affect us? That's one of the questions University of Sydney researchers would like to know and to find out they have joined an international, US-led effort...

Australian Review: Fitbit Sense is basically Versa 3 plus ECG and Stress Sensor

The Fitbit Sense is their new top model. It's a new premium product line bumping Versa down into the mid range of Fitbit devices. The Sense features the world’s first electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor...

Google is on track to have their Fitbit acquisition approved by the EU

We are coming up to 12 months since we heard that Google had acquired Fitbit and while we were all hoping we would have a killer Pixel Watch by now the acquisition is yet...

Fitbit Launches 3 new fitness health trackers: Sense, Versa 3, Inspire 2

Last year we wondered if Fitbit would launch any more fitness and health tracking watches under its own brand after Google decided to buy it and if it did whether the new watches would...

Google Assistant just arrived on Fitbit

With the potential sale of Fitbit to Google currently going through international regulators, we had been hearing rumours that Fitbit may be bringing Google Assistant to their platform. That is a rumour no more....

Fitbit continue on their way with the Versa 3 and Sense leaking overnight

We all thought that when Google announced their acquisition of Fitbit late last year we would not see many more Fitbit devices and instead we may start seeing Google devices instead. Fitbit, possibly...

EU launching an investigation into Google’s acquisition of Fitbit. “It’s about devices, not data”...

Late last year Google announced that they were acquiring Fitbit which got us all hot and bothered given we have all been looking for a Wear OS saviour for a long time. Potentially...

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