Lifestyle photo of Fitbit Morgan.

As Google continues to work towards integrating Fitbit into its ecosystem, it should be a surprise to see fitness stats appear on Nest Hubs. In the short term, it’s not something we’ve had appear on any of our devices but the team at 9to5Google may have identified why.

We’re only seeing this integration live on the 2nd-gen Nest Hub, which has the Soli radar sensor for sleep tracking and offers a Wellness tab not found on the Nest Hub Max or other Assistant Smart Displays. Google said to expect as much earlier this year.

On our team, the Fitbit or Google Fit card is only appearing on one device enrolled into the Preview Program, though there currently isn’t an active one (Cast firmware 1.56.299498).

The timing is perfect with the recent discount on the Versa 3, sleep profiles being added and the new feature addition to the Charge 5. These combined factors point to a — or several — potential new devices.