When it comes to our watching habits, we’re all very different. What is pretty common these days is the need to stream what we want, where we want and when we want it. But that then creates the problem of how to stream it?

While you can huddle around a phone to watch the last three minutes of a footy game, it’s not a great experience for a whole game. If only there was a solution to that problem, oh yeah, there is: The Philips PicoPix Max TV.

It’s a $1,495.00 projector — available from JB Hi-Fi — that you can take anywhere with you, provided you have a projection space. There are plenty of lumens for a variety of environments, it’s sporting Android TV (so you can install all your streaming apps) and has built-in speakers. If that’s not enough, the PicoPix Max also has a battery that will last around four hours of playback and an impressive range of connectivity, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB-C, USB and HDMI.

With everything this has to offer, you really can watch what you want, where and when you want to.