Ever since Google purchased Fitbit, we’ve known the integration of the Fitbit platform was coming. As spotted by 9to5Google, it appears that the time — unsurprising with the soon to arrive Pixel Watch in the works — is very much here.

This is with the aim of making your Google Nest Hub, not just a home control device but a central place to access your personal health data too. This will complement the data captured by the Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) for sleep tracking, and allow users to sync data from a wearable to their Nest Hub.

Connecting the service is easy, it is however a little tricky to find as it’s buried in the menus. To find it you’ll need to go to your device settings, Apps, Assitant, All settings, wellness, and connect for both sleep and activity tracking.

Given the data being shared from the Fitbit platform over to Google Assistant, it seems likely new features may also follow. Simple features like being able to ask for your daily step count and perhaps even get a nudge to go for a walk if your step count is low.

Given the ability to connect Fitbit to Assistant is visible to some of our team, we’d suggest a launch very soon to align with the Pixel Watch launch is likely.