Black Friday, how many of us are starting to get sick of all the advertising and just wish it would all start? I know I am that’s for sure. Kogan have contacted us and wanted to share their Black Friday deals with everyone and there are some decent deals in there, well worth a look.

Kogan have supplied us with a list of deals for both Black Friday and for Cyber Monday and aside from their own products they have some decent brand names on sale.

Black Friday

There are a lot of things on sale on the Kogan website on Black Friday but the highlights include:

Cyber Monday

Come Monday morning will have more sales and three notable inclusions in the sale are:

Remember you will have to pay shipping on top of all of these prices and the discounts may not be what you think they are — they may be discounted from the RRP but their usual price may differ. Our advice is to check with your local retailers and do your research before purchasing just to make sure what you are getting is actually a good price.

Bring on Black Friday. What are you looking to buy tomorrow (I have a list as long as my arm).

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That Kogan Pulse watch has suddenly gone from $35 to $89. Kogan decided to more than double the price on Black Friday.