The annual USA-inspired consumerist spending frenzy is upon us and Google Australia has jumped into the Black Friday sales with a couple of great offers. Depending on what you’re after one of Google’s deals may just meet your needs.

Google 2019 Australian Black Friday deals include:

  • $220 off a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4XL
  • Buy one get on free for Nest Hub
  • $20 off a Nest Mini
  • $40 off a Home Mini
  • $100 off a Pixel 3a XL and
  • $70 off an origional Google Home

Being Black Friday just remember there’s a lot of deals out there so you may even get better prices elsewhere (in fact we know of a few). If you see any of these Google devices at better prices post in the comments and let everyone know. It is always a good idea to check all the other retailers’ prices before committing to any spend.

Source: Google Store.
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The headline could be:
Google gives weak and tepid discounts to Australian customers.

Compare this. Google US is offering two Home Maxes for the price of one. Google Australia offers no discount on the Home Max.

What is wrong with Google Australia? What is Google Australia’s reason for not passing on equivalent discounts, even in Australian dollars?

Nathan Greenway

I wouldn’t say it’s $220 of a Pixel, you get a credit to buy something else. JB HI FI has the Pixel 4 for $150 off.


Disappointed there’s no deal on the nest wifi 😦


Tempting to pick up a 4XL with a few hunjy off the price