Data, we all generate an inordinate amount of it, so much that it can be hard to aggregate and integrate. Health data is no different in this way — imagine that you use 3 different brands of smart scales, activity trackers and Sleep trackers, where is all of that data and how do you collect it all together and make sense of it?

In part, that is what Google is trying to offer with Google Fit. A central store for your health data and hopefully an integrated way to bring that data together and use it to gain insights into your health. The reality may be a little far off that but it’s still nice to have a single repository of all of your health data that you can access and move to somewhere where it may be useful in the future.

Withings is a pretty good brand when it comes to health tracking, despite it’s being sold to Nokia, and then essentially rebuying itself, Withings has provided consistent and high-quality products for years. And they have supported data backup to Google basically since it was available.

All except for one strange anomaly, that sleep data from Withings Nokia Watches and sleep trackers did not go into Google Fit. Well, that stops now.

If you’ve been waiting to sync across your data then it’s time to go beta. After months of promising that the feature is in development then the team at Withings has released the functionality into their public beta program.

Head on over to the Play Store and sign up for the Health Mate beta, along with Fit Sleep tracking there are a few more nice updates in-store as well.

Withings Health Mate
Withings Health Mate
Developer: Withings
Price: Free