It looks like Android TV just might be a thing, please oh please Google don’t kill it off now. With most Australian broadcasters and streaming services now having catchup apps on Android TV, Android TV is a legitimate platform for Smart TVs down under.

To that end, we have seen more and more Android TV enabled TVs, set-top boxes and dongles make their way here. Case in point, Big W is about to release a Blaupunkt labelled 4k Android TV Dongle, while it’s not on the site yet we spotted it in next weeks catalogue for $129 AUD.

There’s not a lot to go on in the catalogue, however, it does bear a striking resemblance to another 4K Android TV dongle sold in Australia by Seiki. The Seiki is sold via Target for $149 but is currently marked down to $99 AUD.

Here’s the specs of that device.

Unless space is a consideration I have to say that with the Vodafone Android TV box selling for just $72 outright and it includes RF in, hardwired LAN and a USB-A port it’s clearly a more rounded device. However, if some reason that isn’t what you want then perhaps the Blaupunkt 4K Android TV Dongle is for you.

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    Has anyone got one yet? I might pick one up over the weekend – it seems I should be able to install the Kayo app (it has Android TV OS 9.0) and that was my main concern.


    Got one today for $129 and it seems to work fine for my purposes.


    What’s all this F.U.D. being spread around about the possibility of Google killing Android TV? I keep a close watch on Android goings-on, and the first I’ve heard of that suggestion is here. I think the opposite is true. Google is signing up more and more manufacturers to Android TV.

    cheryl manve

    Great to know that. Are we able to use the Amazon Prime App?


    What’s the big benefit of Android TV over a Chromecast? Is there any benefit if I’m only interested in streaming?


    Would have been nice if the Memory and Internal Storage was greater than 1GB/8GB. Thanks but not thanks. I am beginning to think nVidia Shield TV is the way to go.


    Thanks heaps for the info mate.
    Good on ya!

    Daniel Gray

    How Do you get fetch T.V. and Amazin Prime video app on Android T.V.?

    Tom Sekulic

    Google Aptoide app store 😉
    You can install any app not available via Google Play.

    Tom Sekulic

    I have 3xVodafone TV boxes. They’re mostly fine and at $72 a bargain. HOWEVER, it has bugs like Frame rate switching in Kodi that doesn’t work and occasional freezing that requires a power reset. It’s running Nougat OS which is obsolete.