I use my tablet quite a lot, in fact I spend a bit of time on it most days. So I was pretty happy when I saw that there was a software update available for my Tab S4. Sadly it quickly came to light that it wasn’t the hoped update to Android 10, but it was still worth doing.

The update includes the November 2019 security patch, some minor changes to the user interface and (noticeably) some improved stability and fixes to bugs. It’s great to see that Samsung take reports from users and act on them. Since the update I’ve not see the bug where your tablet will be stuck in portrait mode forcing a reboot to fix it. I’ve also noticed that there is some improvement in the speed of application switching and improved performance while using the tablet in split screen mode. Given the performance increase with this update, I’m very much looking forward to Android 10 dropping for it.

There are a number of suggestions that Q2 2020 is the timeline when the Tab S4 – along with other major Samsung devices released around that time – will see the Android 10 update. We’ll be keeping our ears to the ground and confirm when we have information on this.

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Daniel Narbett

Late to the party BUT the recent S4 update has fixed scroll-capture for me, which has been broken for a while, which is really good


I have a Samsung tab2 which can’t be updated. Should I buy the Samsung s5e ? I am 75 and find it very challenging to decide what to get.

Jack Bauer


Not due till July next year and even then I doubt it because it’s the Australian model.