Aussie Broadband has shaken up its residential NBN plans today, offering new – and more affordable – plans. Some of the new plans take advantage of NBN Co’s newly announced speed tiers at the 250 / 25 Mbps and 100 / 20 Mbps levels.

As an NBN retailer, Aussie Broadband has been offering faster than typical plans for some time now. We reviewed Aussie’s 250 / 100 Mbps plans earlier this year, but they were rather expensive at $250 a month. The new speed tier, whilst offering slower uploads, still offers incredible download speed at a significantly reduced price of just $169 a month.

Going forward, the 100 / 40 Mbps NBN Premium plan will remain available to consumers, but it isn’t shown as a “popular plan” – users will have to go to the “Build Your Own Plan” option to select this speed.


The Premium 100 / 40 Mbps plan will start at $90 for 100GB and up to $99 for Unlimited, whereas the 100 / 20 Mbps plan will be $10 less across that range as shown above.

Alongside these two big announcements, Aussie has also made the following changes:

  • re-introducing the smaller 12/1 plan for customers who only need basic browsing and emails, starting at $40 per month
  • dropping the “slider” plans that offered customised data
  • reducing some of the small business plans, with the 250/100 unlimited plan dropping by over $70, and
  • dropping the cost of a static IP.

The new plans are set out below:


Existing customers need not be concerned; all existing plans will be grandfathered for current customers.

For those looking for more speed, Aussie has promised to be amongst the first to offer NBN Co’s 1 Gbps plans when they launch in May next year.

All the new plan details and signup offers are available here at Aussie Broadband’s plan pages.


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New plans are listed as for FTTP only. What about FTTC?


All plans are available on all connection technologies; it’s just the 250 Mbps plan which is FTTP only for now.


That’s a NO to the fixed wireless. I’m with ABB on fixed wireless paying for the new 75/10. Lucky if it makes it to 25 any time of the day

Emily Russell

Also a customer of ABB with a fixed wireless NBN connection. We are being to switched to a 75/10 plan for the price we pay, $79.


If only the NBN had of continued with the right architecture
Maybe this would apply to everyone. Sadly it will only benefit the lucky few from the start of the rollout.


Meanwhile NZ enjoy uncapped 1Gbps for $75/month


A correction: the 100/40 plan isn’t a small business offering, you can still get it as a normal customer from the linked page. (NBN were suggesting it to be a business only offering, but this hasn’t happened, so far…). The 250/100 has changed to small business however

Mauricio Morilha Sokal

Apparently they are charging the same or more for less bandwidth. Unacceptable.

Rick J

prices have only gone up for NBN, i’m with ABB on 100/40 at 500GB for $79 which is now a $95 plan


I’m with AussieBB and the new price is the same as my old plan.(50/20)


Unfortunately it doesn’t appear possible to switch to the new plans in the MyAussie app at this time -they don’t even show up ☹️


You can put 280km/h rated tyres on a Suzuki Swift, won’t make it any more able to go 280km/h.
My NBN connection tested at 56 Mbps maximum speed prior to installation (and has hit 53Mbps on a clear day), putting bigger numbers on a plan won’t change that… regardless of the price.


It’s for FTTP only
So your suzuki won’t be eligible for 1 Gbps in may either btw

Gethin Coles

Yep. I thought telling us to not worry didn’t jibe with the headline. Which makes it a crappy headline

Mr Bond

I love how they spruke 12/1 plan for basic emails and web browsing.

Before nbn I was lucky to get a 4mbps connection through adsl2

That was sufficient for netflix and YouTube for 2 people.. Wasn’t great but 12/1 would be amazing compared to that…


50/20 plan pricing hasn’t changed at all and it’s showing/mentioned here why? Seriously, have no idea from whom, what to read any more. If I may guess, you’ll be fired if you don’t write something, sometimes, so write whatever, right?


Thanks NBN for making our internet even worse, why can we have 100mb Symmetrical at a decent price?


On both my business and home plans, I’d be paying $10 EXTRA per month for the same speed tier. None of them work out cheaper.