Often when it comes to Android version updates older phones get left behind or totally forgotten about. Although the Samsung Galaxy S10 phones we only released in late February this year that does not guarantee an update — the are phones from other manufacturers from the same time who have not and will not see the update for quite some time.

Samsung though are relatively good at providing updates to their phones and they continue to improve over time. Last night we were informed by a reader (thanks Jamie) that the Android 10 update was rolling out to his wife’s Samsung Galaxy S10e and then this morning Android Police are also reporting that it is rolling out to other Galaxy S10 devices in Australia.

The update brings Android 10 and all its new goodies including dark mode, live transcription, smart reply and gesture navigation along with Samsung’s new One UI 2.0. The new One UI 2.0 is apparently not all that different to the previous version from what can be gleaned at this early stage.

The security patch is updated to the 1 December patch (and is now more up to date than my review Pixel 4 XL, still stuck on October) and the update for the S10e is 1975MB in size so make sure your data allowance can fit that in before downloading.

Let us know in the comments below if you have received your update yet and what you think of it. If you have another phone and want to tip us of any updates please screenshot and email us or contact us via our social media channels.

Thanks: Jamie.
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Samsung s10+ on Vodafone, just downloaded it.


No android 10 new gesture , nothing new, feels just like a security update.

Trevor H Lawrence

Received for my S10+ yesterday. No problems with installation. Works well.


Funny, my 2016 Pixel XL has had Android 10 for 3 months now. The very reason I stopped buying Samsung phones completely.

David Redman

When is the Huawei mate 20 pro getting Android 10 I’m with optus and everytime I check it just says a new version is coming… Thanks

Tim Hall

I have an international version so had it for a while, it broke swipe up to get access to apps screen. I eventually found some gesture setting I had to toggle to make it work again (had to turn on apps button till I found it)


Received it last night. so far so good, was 1975MB.

Ricky Nolan

Samsung S10 with Optus. Read article and did a check in setting. Yep there was a update waiting. Now running Android 10.

Dimi C

Got mine on my unbranded S10+; mostly under the hood stuff bc One UI had most of the stuff Android 10 was introducing so haven’t noticed that much yet!


Can confirm that it has been released to the s10+ as i’ve downloaded and installed today. Just shy of 2GB.

The Watcher

I read this and forced an update check.
Now i’m downloading 2 gig worth of goodness!


Had my overseas model with One UI 2.0 for a bit over a week. Only annoying thing is the new battery use display doesn’t show usage since last recharge anymore.