NBN Co has announced plans to trial a new speed tier for customers connected over HFC, offering huge 750 Mbps download speeds and relatively modest 50 Mbps upload speeds.

The announcement comes as the national broadband network operator looks for ways to deliver gigabit speeds to customers, and after recent news that HFC customers on NBN may struggle to reach and consistently achieve gigabit speeds.

Acknowledging the issue, NBN Co has been consulting with retail service providers (RSPs) on what would be acceptable “near gigabit” speeds for customers on those connection technologies capable of supporting them, reports IT News.

Officially, the speed tier will be tested as a “750-1000 Mbps” plan that will typically deliver 750 Mbps speeds, with burst capacity to 1 Gbps for periods of up to 50 seconds. This will allow users to download large files quickly, while preventing continuous data transfers at the higher data speed which may impact on other users on the same access point.

There will be a committed 1 Gbps / 50 Mbps plan trialed too, but this requires DOCSIS 3.1 compatible equipment across the network, and so the trial will necessarily involve a smaller test group.

Customers participating in the trial will effectively receive the service for free during the trial period.

We look forward to hearing how NBN Co will deliver faster speeds to the large swathes of the country covered by the “lesser” connection types, including FTTN, FTTC and FTTB which all rely on copper with relatively less available bandwidth.

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Resit kortel

I am looking forward to this, i hope this technology HCF achievable to provide that speed


Well nbn co are stupid. Should’ve listened to the labor party and placed optic fibre cables to the premise to get these speeds from the start. Welp nope decided to do fttc. Guess what it costed liberal more than 70 billion dollars. Now what another infrastructure reform? Wtf Australia?

Bronwyn McKenzie

What about satellite customers who are paying over $150 pcm for 100g day and 100g night
Disgusting to say the least
Rural loses again


I don’t even have the nbn yet and it’s not due in this area until april/may next year 2020 let’s get that sorted first eh


50seconds burst what a load of crap. Typical NBN rubish. Half assed products.


What about those of us lucky enough to have fttp?


how to join? i’m with telstra


Mmm wonder if this in response to the 5g Wireless plans now coming out and putting pressure on the NBN?


they keep saying nobody “needs” gigabit, ut the people who do are also the ones who would use higher upload speeds, ut all the new plans seem to be going backwards on upload. hows about a 750/200 plan.


dunno who really needs this, must be the 6 minutes per night streaming crowd