Ring has some excellent hardware and an integrated system that encompasses almost all areas of home security. Unfortunately their systems weren’t as robust as users – quite reasonably – expect. With the release of the new Ring hardware at CES, they’ve expanded their home security footprint while addressing concerns.

Smart Lighting is new

Ring has had some previous entries into the smart lighting realm, but not to this depth. To get the package to come together, you’ll need to get a Ring bridge to be the heart of your system. Further options and accessories include:

  • Motion Sensors the can be connected to individual or specific groups of lights
  • Pathlight and Spotlight options that can be controlled by the bridge
  • A sensor floodlight for driveway or entry pathways
  • The A19 Smart LED and PAR38 Smart LED Bulbs can also both be linked to the Ring Bridge for smart controls
  • Solar Steplight to illuminate pathways and steps for safety

The Ring Bridge can create routines for visibility and security around your home such as if a sensor is triggered turning lights on inside, out or both.

In the press release for the new product line Jamie Siminoff, Ring Founder said:

Ring enters 2020 with a robust lineup of security devices, and we will continue to focus on innovating new products while enhancing our customers’ experiences especially around privacy and control. We’re excited to offer our customers over 50 different products they can choose from to build their custom, whole-home security system.

Access control to your home at the touch of a button

Far from a new concept, Ring has taken it a step further with integration into their platform. The Access Controller is available via Cellular connection or Ethernet which makes it hugely flexible for home or remote access. With a video doorbell or other camera option, users can live view their gate and allow chosen people access.

There’s a lot to look at in the new Ring range of hardware. If you’re looking for whole home integration, you’ll need to consider Alexa speakers over Assistant. If you’re happy to control your devices from a mobile platform, you’ll be fine regardless of your chosen platform.

Source: Ring Online.