Mobile gaming is starting to take off and traditional gaming companies are starting to put a lot more focus into their mobile gaming products. Razer are one such company and over at CES 2020 they have announced a new gaming controller that will apparently fit any Android phone.

The new Kishi controller is a universal mobile gaming controller which has dedicated controls, clickable buttons, thumbsticks and a D-pad. The cloud gaming controller is compatible with both iOS and Android phones and support low latency on moth types of devices.

As you can see in the image above the buttons are in a fairly standard gaming configuration which is designed to fit all Android phones. We are not sure how it will fit all Android devices but it achieves its “ultra-low latency” through a USB-C connection with pass through charging ports allowing for charging while playing and connected.

The Kishi for Android offers support for “most Android or iOS games that are compatible with mobile controllers, including both native titles and cloud services” — sounds like they are referring to Stadia and other cloud gaming platforms including GeForce Now. There is also a companion app to help you map buttons to controls within games, see below at the video recorded by XDA Developers:

The Razer Kishi mobile controllers (for Android or iOS) will be available in early 2020 and we expect them to arrive Downunder not long after given that most Razer products make it here. Rather than buying an entire new gaming phone this could be a cheaper solution if you are already happy with your phone although pricing is yet to be announced.

Source: Razer.