Samsung’s upcoming foldable may use the Snapdragon 855 processor that powers the original Galaxy Fold instead of opting for the current Snapdragon 865 according to new rumours..

Based on a report from MySmartPrice the Fold 2 had already been finalised when the Snapdragon 865 was announced last month. Replacing the processor would mean a costly redesign of the phone’s internals and more development time, delaying the release.

On the plus side, using an older processor may bring costs down for the Fold 2 – and that’s a good thing, considering the eye watering price of Samsung’s last foldable — although reports are saying they still sold 40-50,000 units.

The Snapdragon 855 is still a very capable processor, so we’re not too worried about performance. However, if you were looking for a clamshell foldable with cutting edge processing power, you may have to wait longer for another device.

Additionally, MySmartPrice’s source suggests the front facing camera in the Fold 2 will be the same 10-megapixel unit found in the Note 10.

More details about the Fold 2 and other upcoming Samsung phones like the Galaxy S20 will be shared at Samsung’s event on the 11th of February.