If you’re like me, you look at your mobile bill every so often and wonder when it got so high – that plan that you signed up for has somehow become more expensive, and while the value is there, you’re left contemplating how $60 a month somehow became $80.

The temptation of a discount mobile plan is always there, and this offer from Circles.Life is a great one. With 40GB on offer for just $28 a month, and 60GB for just $38, these are some great value plans.

Here’s the plan details:

These plans are on offer until February 28th, and you’ll need to use the promo code 40FOR28 to take advantage when you sign up.

There’s an added bonus of 3GB of bill-shock data which kicks in if you go over your data allowance. This means that if you go over, you’ll get a 3GB “buffer” before you start being charged for further data use, and you get that buffer at no extra cost.

These plans also include unlimited national calls, SMS and MMS for use within Australia, and while there’s no special rates for international roaming (sorry, travellers) you can definitely use your Circles.Life services overseas for a reasonable cost.

Circles.Life uses the Optus 4G network to deliver service to its customers, and provides 3G and 4G service wherever the Optus network provides those services.