Optus Sport fans who also have an Android TV can rejoice, because Optus has just announced you now have the ability to install the Optus Sport app.

This should help Optus continue to grow audience numbers for their streaming sports service.

The minimum Android version you need to get the Optus Sport app on your TV is Android 7.0 (Nougat or Android N). Only Google Certified devices are compatible with the app.

If these criteria are not met, Optus Sport will not appear when searched or as an option to be installed

Optus advises that video quality for matches streamed on Android TV will be 720i, the same quality and experienced by Xbox and Fire TV users. This can be reduced if your internet bandwidth can’t keep up.

It’s unclear whether owners of Android TV boxes like the NVIDIA Shield and Mi Box can install the Optus Sport app. Please try it and let us know in the comments.

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This is great. I am considering getting a Vodafone TV now to watch Optus Sport and Kayo. This shouldn’t be an issue?


Interesting to hear that some have got it working on their Shield. I downloaded the app onto mine and couldn’t get anything to play getting a ‘this video cannot be played’ error. Contacted Optus and after recommending some troubleshooting steps which I followed to no avail they replied and said the Shield is not a supported device…

Daniel Gray

My password has ( in it, but no way to type. Is the keyboard limited in the TV or is it the app?


I have an Optus account Daniel and have downloaded the app on Android tv and successfully logged in. Perhaps I can help.
Can you clarify what your issue is as I don’t quite understand your question.

Daniel Gray

Some of the special characters are missing in the keyboard, on my TCL tv. There are no ( in the keyboard. Do you have ( on the keyboard to log into the app?

Tom Bower

im unable to log in on my shield also no keyboard coming up

Jason Sharp

Just installed on to my Nvidia shield, app was available from google store on the TV didn’t need to sideload the APK, works perfectly finally. Happ Days 🙂

Sujay Vilash

Thank you for the information. I am about to purchase a nVidia Shield TV and was keen to find out if this app can be installed. A friend has already confirmed that the Kayo app can be installed which is brilliant as I am about to cancel my Foxtel subscription.


It’s working fine on Foxtel Now box as well. Much faster loading than trying to cast from iPad to Chromecast.

No buffer time either (FTTP NBN 50 plan).


Finally! Downloaded and working on my new Shield TV Pro.




I’m running Android TV version 8.0 on my Bravia and I’ve just downloaded the Optus Sport app and it runs well.
Of course, now I’m curious as to why Sony hasn’t updated me to 9.0!


glad the the Optus Sport app is now available. (Just need 1080p streaming)

i think the role out for 9.0 is a phased approached, but i think only certain model will be getting 9.0. https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/articles/00231372


Thanks for the link. It appears my A8F model won’t be receiving the update which is disappointing given it’s only around 18 months old.

The Watcher

I disappointed in Sony.
Calling their high-end TV’s ‘Master Series’ – The LG C9 series comes with HDMI 2.1 and the ‘Master Series’ doesn’t.
The A9H has a HDMI 2.1 port but it doesn’t support all of the HDMI 2.1 specs.

I’m happy with android TV, it does what’s needed… But, i can’t justify paying the amount for a Sony and not future proofing.

The picture is amazing though!